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Otter Co-op opens 11 new gas bar locations in Thompson Okanagan

Otter Co-op expands reach


When you become a member of Otter Co-op, you also become an owner.

That is just one of many benefits people and organizations throughout the Okanagan will enjoy now that Otter Co-op gas bars are popping up throughout the region.

Otter Co-op is a multi-faceted organization that offers remarkable advantages it offers to its members and the community at large. First and foremost, the essence of Otter Co-op lies in its co-operative model, which promotes democratic member control. That means each member has an equal say in the decisions made. This organizational structure ensures transparency and fairness, ultimately boosting the trust and satisfaction of its members.

Investing in Otter Co-op is not merely a transaction; it’s an active contribution to a community-focused, value-driven organization. One of the many benefits of Otter Co-op is its patronage returns. Members receive a portion of the profits generated by the co-op based on their purchases, a testament to the co-operative’s dedication to sharing success with its members.

The profits do not end up in some head office in Ontario or Texas. They stay right at home where you and your neighbours live and work.

Otter Co-op, which already had a handful of gas stations and liquor stores in Kamloops, Kelowna and Penticton, is opening or putting its name on a whopping 11 new fuel locations throughout the Interior. Penticton leads the way with four, Kelowna three, and Kamloops and Osoyoos two. Nine of the 11 stations used to be run by Husky, while one was already a Co-op and the last one is brand new, near Reid’s Corner in Kelowna.

The new locations can be found at:

• 1436 Fairview Rd.
• 975 Westminster Ave.
• 102B-2007 Main St.
• 2302 Skaha Lake Rd.

• 1575 Harvey Ave.
• 2100 Rutland Rd. N.
• 2-3491 Sexsmith Rd.

• 1815 E Trans Canada Highway
• 884 Columbia St. W.

• 9101 Main St.
• 9206 97th St.

The new Otter Co-ops are offering plenty of deals to celebrate their openings throughout the month of June, including "Quick Deals" on bottled water, pop, chocolate bars and gummies until June 14.

Otter Co-op is selling memberships for $10 and accepting those who are already members. All of those who are or become members will share in the profits, but you do not have to be a member to shop at Co-op. More information about memberships can be found here.

On average, Co-ops give back $420,000 to its communities each year, including $14,000 in scholarships to youth. They partner with food banks, minor sports teams and plenty of youth initiatives. Organizations interested in partnering with Otter Co-op can learn more here.

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