Trudeau dismisses criticism of David Johnston as political

Trudeau defends Johnston

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has confidence in David Johnston, even as the House of Commons is about to vote in favour of an NDP motion to have Johnston removed from his post.

Trudeau named the former governor general a special rapporteur for foreign interference in March to look into allegations the Chinese government tried to meddle in the last two federal elections.

Opposition parties decried the appointment because of Johnston's family connections to the prime minister's family and the Trudeau Foundation.

The Conservatives and Bloc Québécois are expected this afternoon to vote in favour of an NDP motion calling on the government to oust Johnston and call a public inquiry into foreign interference.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says he has no criticism of Johnston himself but believes there is an appearance of bias that means the rapporteur's work is tainted.

Trudeau says all those allegations are politically motivated attacks without any basis in fact.

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