Partnership seeks increased sustainability in Kamloops-area forestry

Forestry sustainability sought

A new partnership has come together aimed at creating sustainability in Kamloops-area forestry.

Simpcw First Nation, Simpcw Resources Group and Arrow Group of Companies have a new partnership together as stakeholders in River City Fibre — a wood-chipping plant on Mission Flats that supplies fibre to the nearby Kruger pulp mill.

This partnership was finalized on May 1.

With this partnership Simpwc hopes to create new possibilities for economic development, but also preserving the lands. The Simpwc Resources Group will also play a major role in managing sustainability and forestry activities within the Simpwc territory.

"Building sustainability in our fibre supply chain is a strategic and operational priority for our mill," said Roman Gallo, Kruger's senior vice-president and COO.

"We also have a long-standing commitment to responsible sourcing. Our contract with River City Fibre helps us achieve our operational and community-focused objectives and we are excited to be developing our relationships with the Arrow Group, SRG, and the Simpcw First Nation."

There is no word yet on how many jobs the partnership is expected to create, or the economic impact.

“This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in achieving a balanced and holistic approach to land management, where economic prosperity goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility,” Simpcw Resources Group said in a news release

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