Vancouver police investigating 'violent confrontations' at trans-rights rally

Assaults at trans-rights rally

Vancouver police say they are investigating "violent confrontations" at a Friday rally marking the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Police say the incidents occurred when people attending the rally confronted a group of counter-protesters inside Vancouver's Grandview Park, where they say up to 100 people had gathered.

They allege at least two people were assaulted but did not provide further details.

Investigators say they have reached out to a victim who posted a video of an assault online, and have invited that person to meet with detectives to provide a statement.

Police have also shared parts of video and images posted online by a victim, and are appealing to those who witnessed the altercations to reach out.

They believe there may be more witnesses who have not spoken to police, as well as bystander videos that may show different perspectives of the incident.

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