OKIB firefighters to burn down derelict house in weekend training exercise

Hot training for OKIB

Okanagan Indian Band firefighters will get some real life training when they set a house on fire this weekend.

The OKIB says the old home is structurally dangerous and poses a risk to children and the community.

“So if you see smoke rising over Reserve #1 over the weekend it is probably the OKIB Fire Department doing a controlled burn and training exercise on an abandoned house,” a press release from the band states.

“The structure has been in disrepair for some time, however there are signs of ongoing activity in the house, and it’s just too unsafe for anyone to use,” the band says.

By burning the house, firefighters will gain experience working close to a real structure fire.

"This sort of practical training is done frequently by fire services when there is an opportunity for a win-win outcome: training for firefighters and enhanced safety for the community."

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