Kelowna company busy with dog poop removal

Need help with dog poop?

Spring has sprung and the snow has melted, meaning anyone who didn’t pick up after their dog over the winter is now left with quite the smelly backyard.

But a unique Kelowna business specializes in just that problem. Castanet met up with a local clean up crew to get the scoop on poop.

“For the most part, 98 per cent of people are very receptive to the service," said Poo Worx owner Mary Bermudez. "They think it’s a great idea, which is awesome. Once in a while, we will run into somebody who will say oh I can’t believe some people are that lazy."

"It’s not that some people are that lazy, it’s that they’re that busy. We help them not have to do the poopy job."

Poo Worx does weekly removal for people all over Kelowna year round, but the also do a lot of disinfectant work through the spring.

"It’s very important you do it every spring, once a year. We go around after we pick up the poo and we spray the yard. We spray where most of the poo is concentrated. That spray, that disinfectant will kill any bacteria that was growing there through the winter time," added Bermudez.

It can be quite the messy job for Bermudez and her staff, but she tells Castanet meeting new dogs every day makes it all worth it.

“I love dogs. I had a chocolate lab myself. He was the inspiration for this business. His name was Luke and I love him, but I lost him. I go to these yards and when the dogs are out they’re just lovely to deal with. It’s the best part of the job," she smiled.

"The owners, they love that. They love that we spend some time with their dogs, and you know, it's a benefit to everybody."

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