Fire department douses unattended burn pile in East Kelowna

Burn pile left unattended

The fire department was called to deal with a burn pile that grew out of control in East Kelowna Monday afternoon.

Fire crews were called to a home on an agricultural property on Reid Road at roughly 1 p.m.

“It is a burning day in Kelowna, but this pile had some stuff in it that is not allowed to burn and the fire got a little bit out of hand and it's too close to some structures,” said fire captain Mike Hill.

Making matters worse, the property owner was not watching over the fire.

“There are quite a few infractions here, so our fire prevention officer Paul Johnson is tracking down the individual that lit the fire and owns the property and will be talking to him,” Hill added.

Hill said they were forced to close Reid Road to get water onto the fire, which is now under control.

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