Kelowna councillor frustrated over lack of decision on Uber application

Cannan: 'Make a decision'

Kelowna city councillor Ron Cannan calls a delay in a decision by the Passenger Transportation Board to rule on an application by Uber to bring its service to the city the "ultimate in bureaucracy."

"For me...no matter what side of the fence you're on, just make a decision," Cannan told Castanet News.

It's been nearly seven months since Uber applied to the PTB to assume to license of ReRyde to offer ride hailing in Kelowna and Victoria.

ReRyde was granted a license to operate its ride sharing platform across the province outside the Lower Mainland in 2020, but never did launch in Kelowna or Victoria.

After having its own application quashed by the PTB in December of 2021, Uber went the route of applying to take over a license on Aug. 31, 2022.

"It's a disservice to our community to have a lack of alternative modes of transportation for the public," added Cannan who said the late night bar flush on weekends is just getting worse.

"It's virtually impossible to get a cab."

Cannan says while the Passenger Transportation Board is supposed to be at arms length politically, there is heavy politics involved from the taxi industry.

The decision on a license transfer is supposed to be fairly routine according to the PTB's website.

A decision is supposed to be based solely on a company's ability, in this case Uber, to capably provide the service.

Public need, which was investigated when the initial license was issued, is not supposed to be considered.

"It's the 3D strategy of dodge, delay, defer," Cannan said. "Just make a decision one way or another."

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