Armstrong council to hear bylaw department 2022 report

Bylaw loophole closed

Armstrong city council will hear on Monday how bylaw changes have closed past loopholes for irresponsible dog owners.

“In 2022, the city received 233 bylaw enforcement complaints and 66 dog-control complaints. The number of complaints is consistence with past years,” the report states.

“2022 was a year of significant positive change due to amendments to the Good Neighbour Bylaw and the Dog Care and Control Bylaw. Changes to these bylaws have allowed officers to place further accountability on violators and resolve past bylaw loopholes."

There were 10 complaints involving aggressive dogs, along with 19 barking complaints and 14 wildlife and livestock calls.

“In addition, positive change came from the bylaws department applying significant resources and working closely with the North Okanagan RCMP Armstrong detachment to shut down a long-term problematic rental property, which resulted in the tenants moving out and the property being sold.”

For all of last year, there were only three calls relating to street-entrenched individuals.

“Staff contribute this to Armstrong having limited support services to assist individuals that may normally stay within a community if a broad spectrum of services are provided.

"It is noted that problematic individuals generally pass through the area looking for opportunities or come here to temporarily get away from a larger community. Officers take a proactive approach when individuals are accepting of support.

"Bylaw officers work closely with services providers and the individual to get them integrated with support services.”

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