Trudeau mulls response to 'appalling and abhorrent' Uganda LGBTQ death-penalty bill

LGBT death-penalty shocks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling on Uganda to repeal legislation the East African country passed this week to bring in a death penalty targeting members of the LGBTQ community.

The legislation prescribes the death penalty for the offence of "aggravated homosexuality," such as having sex while being HIV positive, and life imprisonment for homosexuality, as well as jail terms of up to 20 years for those promoting LGBTQ rights.

Trudeau says he wants to "condemn in the absolute strongest terms the despicable law put forward by the Ugandan government" and that Ottawa "stands against" it.

The prime minister says he's considering options to support the LGBTQ community in Uganda, and that all world leaders — especially fellow members of the Commonwealth — should condemn the "appalling and abhorrent" legislation.

Washington has urged Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to block the legislation passed by lawmakers on Tuesday, while Trudeau has asked lawmakers to "reconsider" the bill, known as the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

The Uganda High Commission in Canada was not immediately available to comment.

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