Big White gives search and rescue money for rope rescue training

COSAR gets training boost

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue has received a $2,500 donation from Big White Ski Resort.

The money will go towards the Central Okanagan rope rescue event being held in Kelowna, April 14 to 16.

The event will see search and rescue rope rescue techs from around the province travel to Kelowna to take part in special training that will improve their skills.

"A huge thank you to Loose Moose and the rest of the team from Big White Ski Resort who stopped by to provide a generous donation to COSAR! Thank you Big White! You are an awesome partner," says a social media post.

COSAR is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on donations and all members are volunteers. Money raised through donations and sponsorships goes towards the maintenance of COSAR vehicles and equipment, restocking medical supplies, and the purchase of essential pieces of search and rescue equipment.

"If you are in a position to support COSAR, please hit the donation button on our website."

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue is also raising funds and looking to replace its current headquarters located near the Kelowna International Airport on Old Vernon Rd.

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