Bike lane opponents

I would like to comment on how much money was wasted on this project.

I feel the city should have held a referendum before it moved ahead with this. The bike lane is unpleasing to the eye, it takes away valuable parking and makes it very difficult turning onto certain streets.

I have witnessed near accidents where pedestrians in wheelchairs and bike riders alike have almost been hit moving through the lights or turning.

To date I have not seen much use of the bike lane. The funds the city spent could have been better used on much needed problems this city has.

Sandra Bruckal

I totally disagree with the (Penticton) bike lanes.

I am personally affected by them on Martin Street as I am a resident at Charles Manor. The lane in the 300-block takes away valuable parking. Obviously many of visiting friends to the Manor are seniors and it is now often a nightmare for them to find parking for their vehicles.

Also, the left hand turn from Martin into Wade is extremely dangerous for bike riders and those using scooters. The lane on Atkinson makes the road very dangerous.

Helen Howard

A poor choice of routes, (the Penticton bike lanes) should have been on the channel walkway. Rip this traffic- and business-destroying nightmare up and think again.

Dan Stewart

It’s the biggest waste of city funds. No one uses it. It should have gone to a referendum.

Ron Bell

It should have been put to a referendum before starting but we have council members and city staff who pushed it. Residents are paying now with inconvenience to parking, garbage pick-up etc. and high taxes due to using money that could have eased costs for utilities and (other services).

There are few users, there are narrower streets for autos and it is in the wrong place.


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