Poilievre pledges to honour Trudeau's health-care funding offer

Tories would honour deal

Pierre Poilievre says he would honour the health-care increases Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised provinces if his Conservatives form the next government.

Poilievre made the pledge this morning after Trudeau offered to increase health-care transfers by $17 billion above previous commitments, and $25 billion through one-on-one deals with provinces over the next decade.

The Tory leader echoed criticisms from some premiers that the overall increase falls far short of what provincial leaders were hoping for after years of complaints that Ottawa isn't paying its fair share of health-care costs.

Trudeau invited all 13 provincial and territorial leaders to Ottawa this week to present an offer that would see transfers to the provinces rise by a combined $196 billion over the next 10 years.

Despite their stated disappointment, many premiers have signalled a willingness to accept the offer as Trudeau has said he wants to begin negotiation's on individual deals.

Poilievre had been tight lipped about whether Conservatives shared the provinces' belief that more federal spending was needed to fix health care, and if his party was willing to meet their demands.

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