BC NDP ekes out fourth quarter fundraising win over Opposition BC Liberals

NDP wins fundraising race

The gap is narrowing.

The NDP took in just $116,275.07 more in donations than the BC Liberals did in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to Elections BC.

Premier David Eby’s party reported $1.3 million in funds raised during the Oct. 1-Dec. 31 period, just ahead of the BC Liberals, who told Elections BC they raised $1.182 million.

But the NDP finished the year well ahead of Kevin Falcon and the official Opposition.

Elections BC’s database shows the NDP raised $4.01 million in 2022, $1.483 million more than the BC Liberals. 

The BC Green Party grossed $1.075 million in 2022, including $418,319.02 in the fourth quarter.

The first month of the last quarter included municipal elections and the NDP leadership race, in which Eby’s campaign reported $383,570.27 in income.

Also in 2022, the NDP received $1.57 million, BC Liberals got $1.11 million and Greens took $497,000 through a taxpayer-funded allowance scheme that replaced corporate and union donations in 2018. The parties received their latest instalments on Jan. 15 (NDP $786,086; BC Liberals $556,629.50; Greens $248,632.13).

The next election is scheduled for October 2024. Eby has denied he is planning to call an early election.

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