Would you rather go out with your significant other on Valentine's Day or stay in?

Poll: Valentine's Day

Hotel Zed is going back in time this Valentine's Day with the Shaggin’ Wagon.

The hotel chain, which has locations in Kelowna, Tofino and Victoria, is adding a 1978 Chevrolet G20 conversion van as a new twist on its popular Nooner promotion for Valentine’s Day. The Nooner package encourages couples of all kinds to get together at Hotel Zed for a few hours on Valentine’s Day, and the Shaggin’ Wagon is an added feature this year.

The van will be located in the woods near Hotel Zed Tofino, and guests who book a Nooner there will be able to use the van as “a sensual backdrop for boudoir-esque photos and throwback-style dates.” Guests staying at Hotel Zed’s properties in Kelowna or Victoria will have the opportunity for Shaggin’ Wagon-themed photos in the lobbies of those properties.

“Hotel Zed’s Nooner has always been about rebelling against boring Valentine’s Day traditions and having fun,” Hotel Zed and Accent Inns CEO Mandy Farmer said in a press release. “Nothing represents the 70s better than the iconic Shag Wagon, so we thought why not? It was a vehicle that pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable at the time. It rebelled against the ordinary.

“This year’s Nooner Shaggin’ Wagon deal encourages sex positivity, encourages others to start the conversation. We recognize the countless forms of sexuality and expression as a natural and healthy part of being a human being.”

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