City of Kamloops looks to fund community climate action projects

Funds for climate projects

The City of Kamloops is looking to provide grant funding to help residents, non-profits and charities launch local climate action projects.

In a news release the city said it has $20,000 earmarked for the Kamloops Climate Action Grant. Each applicant can apply for $500 to $2,000 in funding.

“The goal is to tap into the passion of citizens and community groups who are committed to building a healthy, climate-friendly community,” said Glen Cheetham, the city’s climate and sustainability manager.

In order to receive funding, applicants must demonstrate how their proposed projects will improve resiliency to climate change or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support a healthy urban ecosystem and foster neighbourhood pride or community wellness.

Projects also need to align with priority actions set out in the city’s Community Climate Action Plan.

The city provided examples of possible community projects, including a textile recycling initiative, a clothing swap, repair events, or urban gardening education.

Grant applications are being accepted from Feb. 1 to Feb. 28.

Those interested in this opportunity can find out more details and find an application form on the City of Kamloops website.

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