B.C. Airbnb eviction with police escort was reasonable, tribunal rules

Airbnb eviction reasonable

The province’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ruled the removal of guests from a B.C. Airbnb by police was reasonable following a dispute involving the host.

Faegheh Soleymany Moayed claimed at the tribunal that bed and breakfast owner Rachel Choquette "unreasonably evicted" Moayed’s family at a location and date not disclosed in the ruling.

Moayed sought reimbursement of $417 for the original rental costs, $200 in gas, and $1,000 for pain and suffering. 

In her Feb. 2 decision, tribunal vice-chair Andrea Ritchie determined that Moayed broke the booking policy by securing the Airbnb for four family members, not including herself, which is a requirement. Furthermore, guests were found to have smoked in or on the premises.

“Ms. Moayed does not deny she agreed to those rules, or that she broke them, so I accept that she did,” stated the ruling.

The ruling notes both parties called police following a verbal dispute. Ultimately, police removed the guests.

“I accept Ms. Choquette reasonably evicted Ms. Moayed’s family from the rental. …As I find it was Ms. Moayed’s actions that ultimately led to the eviction, I find she is not entitled to any reimbursement of her rental fees, gas expenses, or alleged pain and suffering. I note the claims for gas expenses and pain and suffering are unproven in any event. I dismiss Ms. Moayed’s claims,” Ritchie concluded.

The decision can be viewed online.


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