War in Ukraine must end

The Russia-Ukraine war will go on and on unless certain things take place.

In spite of what the West tells us through announcements and the news, the majority of Russian citizens are in favour of war, 58 % to 33% with 9% undecided. That number has to decrease dramatically.

Obviously world public opinion is not something the Russians care about, so it acts. The West (NATO) continues to replenish (Ukraine with) bombs and more sophisticated equipment. But there is no way to replenish Ukrainian soldiers. There are not enough.

The majority of wars end when the leadership is replaced peacefully or by rebellion, or through surrender or defeat. Russia will eventually defeat Ukraine simply by population, so it must be stopped another way. How long can a supposedly civilized world continue to watch Ukrainian men, women and children blown to pieces by (missile and bomb) strikes on civilians?

For this to change or swing (in a different direction), bombs not boots must drop in Russia—bombs hitting targets in (Russia) will change the way the Russian public thinks overnight.

It is the West that should be doing the threatening. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin knows exactly where Russia now sits as a world power. Fighting a less populated, less armed country, Russia is, at best, even.

I sincerely hope a nuclear bomb is not used, but I am getting more convinced it will be and will be dropped by Russia.

Ken Warren, Kelowna

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