Should the East Van Cross be relocated? Petition launched to move iconic artwork

Move the East Van cross?

Conversation around relocating the iconic East Van cross has been going on for several years. 

The cross, a piece of public art made by Vancouver artist Ken Lum, is located on city-owned land. 

Lum is also responsible for the small ships on top of the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

In 2019, the city approved a new 10-storey building to be constructed on vacant property nearby the cross at 2102 Keith Dr. With the development underway, locals are waiting for an official decision regarding whether the cross will be moved.

In anticipation, the East Village Business Improvement Association started a petition to relocate the East Van Cross to its part of town. 

"Hastings-Sunrise is the only thing more East Van than Ken Lum's East Van Cross," reads the petition. "This quintessential pocket deserves an iconic landmark."

The neighbourhood sits on Vancouver's original border of Nanaimo Street and has evolved into a vibrant community. The petition argues that incorporating the iconic structure will draw more attention to the East Vancouver nook and expose everything the area has to offer, from breweries and businesses to its unique cityscape.

However, the petition depends on if the East Van Cross is actually moving, an EVBIA spokesperson says. The idea for the petition is to get a head start so that "when the time does come, we have something to go off of," the spokesperson explains. 

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