City of Vernon Kindness Meters collecting significantly less money since program started

Kindness Meters dry up

City of Vernon kindness meters continue to help those in need – but not as much as they used to.

There has been a steady decline in donations since the five bright-orange meters were installed in the downtown core in 2016.

The meters allow people to donate spare change, which is then given to local organizations serving the disadvantaged or homeless.

Since 2016, residents of Vernon have donated thousands of dollars, benefitting a number of local organizations serving those in need. But the donations have slowed over time.

The first year they were in operation, the meters collected more than $1,800 in change. That number fell in 2022 to just $266.

“Many people in our community are looking for a way to give back, but they don’t always know how to do that. The kindness meter program is another way for that giving,” says Mayor Victor Cumming. “This program helps our non-profit community with much-needed and timely funds to help with services for those less fortunate.”

All money collected stays in Vernon.

Since 2016, donations have been distributed to the following organizations:

  • 2022 – Salvation Army Food Bank $266
  • 2021 - People Place Society $318.91
  • 2020 - Archway Society for Domestic Peace $389.16
  • 2019 - Vernon Community Dental Access Centre $711.10
  • 2018 - North Okanagan Youth and Family Services $672.47
  • 2017 - Upper Room Mission $1,798.68
  • 2016 - Salvation Army Food Bank $1,863.82

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