B.C.'s drug decriminalization doesn't apply to airports: YVR

No drug decrim at airports

YVR is warning travellers that British Columbia's new drug decriminalization policy does not include airports.

The province's three-year experiment, which allows adults to possess less than 2.5 grams of opioids, crack and powder cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA, began on Tuesday, Jan. 31. It is expected to last until 2026.

According to YVR's release, this new policy will not apply at airports or at any international borders.

"Individuals found in possession of any amount of an illicit substance while on airport property will remain subject to criminal penalties under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act," reads the release.

"It is the responsibility of those passing through YVR to understand and adhere to all applicable local, provincial, federal, and international regulations regarding the carriage and possession of illicit substances, regardless of their final destination."

Drug enforcement at YVR is led by Richmond RCMP.

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