'The things you see at work': Someone parked their car in the middle of nowhere in Stanley Park

'The things you see at work'

Someone will pay a hefty price for leaving their vehicle in the middle of Stanley Park instead of using the designated parking lot. 

The Vancouver Police Department's (VPD) Traffic Section shared a couple of images of a car that was parked outside of the parking lot for the Hollow Tree by a whopping 90 metres. While it might have been easier to confuse if the area was all paved, the person drove their car to the edge of the forest across the grass. 

"The things you see at work," remarked the VPD on Twitter. 

The first photo shows the car on an embankment near a trail while the second conveys how far away from the parking lot it was. 

Since the driver didn't stick around to speak with police or move the vehicle, it was towed. The VPD noted that it will follow up with the owner for an "explanation and to tell them where they can find their car now."

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