Murder trial in Halifax hears key witness describe gruesome details of crime scene

Grisly scene at shooting

The grisly aftermath of a fatal shooting was described Monday during the murder trial of a former medical student accused of killing a fellow student in Halifax seven years ago.

William Sandeson, who at the time was a med student and track athlete, has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of Dalhousie University physics student Taylor Samson.

The Crown alleges Samson had gone to Sandeson's apartment to sell him nine kilograms of marijuana when the accused shot him on the night of Aug. 15, 2015.

Key witness Justin Blades — another former Dalhousie student and track athlete who knew Sandeson — testified he was visiting a friend in a neighbouring apartment when the two young men heard a gunshot.

Blades said that within seconds, Sandeson knocked at their door and was allowed in, and the three men headed for Sandeson’s apartment to see what was going on.

Blades told the jury that from the doorway of Sandeson’s apartment, he saw a tall man slumped forward in a kitchen chair, his head almost between his knees — and there was blood pouring from wounds he could not see.

He said he also saw a growing pool of blood on the floor, as well as money on the kitchen table and the floor.

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