Five-foot fence post thrown at Vancouver city bus window, police say

Fence post thrown at bus

Metro Vancouver Transit Police say they are investigating after a five-foot metal fence post was allegedly thrown at the windshield of a city bus on Friday night.

They say the impact shattered the glass near the driver’s side of the bus.

Police say the driver was able to pull over safely and no one on the bus, including an estimated 25 passengers, was injured.

The transit police say the Vancouver Police Department responded to a similar call about another vehicle in the area, but that it is too early to determine if the two incidents are connected.

They say a suspect has not yet been identified.

Police say that they have not noticed an increase in incidences like this, but it is concerning due to the safety risk it poses to bus drivers, passengers and others on the road.

"We commend the bus operator for his quick thinking and ability to safely pull the bus over, which prevented passengers from being injured," Metro Vancouver Transit Police said in a statement on Saturday.

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