Pandemic was traumatic

Re. Ricky Daytona’s letter Why so open about health (Castanet, Jan. 20)

His letter reminds me of people who say things like, "When I was a kid, we rode in the back of pickup trucks and we didn't die."

Good for you. You know who isn't telling that story? The people who died.

In the letter, (Daytona) completely ignored the fact we just lived through a global pandemic. We had to go through a lockdown, mask (wearing), vaccine mandates, school closures, etc. None of that was normal, and for many people it was traumatic.

The pandemic also showed there was a segment of the population who did not care about their neighbour's health. We were told the virus had a high fatality rate amongst the elderly, yet those people did not want to do the very least to stop transmission if it meant even a small disruption to their lives.

Do you understand that? These people did not care that they might infect and potentially kill their fellow human beings. Many folks lost loved ones to the virus.

That was understandably traumatic for some. So yes, he might have to put up with people being a little more concerned and up front about their health issues. We just went through something that changed the world dramatically.

Sara Bennett

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