Long-time homeless advocate John Thiessen passes away

Homeless advocate passes

A Kelowna resident and long-time advocate for the homeless in Kelowna has passed away.

Friends and family took to social media Sunday to share that 60-year-old John Thiessen passed away from a heart attack.

"He has been my best friend since I was 19 and my husband for 34 years passed away Dec 2 at the young age of 60 from yet another heart attack. Funny, kind, caring, empathetic and talented to name a few of his qualities. We find comfort knowing he is no longer in pain. Hopefully someone will take over the much needed caring for the unhoused on the streets of Kelowna in his absence," wife Debra Thiessen posted to Facebook.

A celebration of life is planned in January.

"So sad that a dear friend has passed. John has left a wonderful legacy of demonstrating how love, compassion, and caring can make a difference for those who have found themselves without homes. I can't believe you're gone, John. You will be missed," Wilbur Turner shared on Facebook.

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