Willowbrook Volunteer Fire Department asks for public's help in identifying theft suspect

Tried to steal from fire crews

The Willowbrook Volunteer Fire Department is asking for help after an upsetting break-and-enter was attempted on their equipment Sunday morning.

According to a post on behalf of the fire department, an individual attempted to break into one of their fire trucks and wildfire trailer at 7:25 a.m. that day.

"Breaking into the very equipment used to save people's lives is about as low as you can go and we would truly appreciate your assistance in locating this person," the post reads.

The individual was recorded riding in on a red Arctic Cat ATV, and his tracks came from Fairview Road to the south before going north on Green Lake Road.

"He wasn't smart enough to see the cameras or the various signs stating that our Firehall is under video surveillance. He was also dumb enough to remove his left glove and try the handles on the trailer so hopefully, his fingerprints are already on file with the RCMP."

Fire crews are asking anyone with any tips or information in locating this person to contact the Oliver RCMP detachment.

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