Vernon firefighters discover cat climbed aboard while they responded to accident

Cat comes along for ride

Vernon firefighters are trying to solve a furry mystery.

Crews were called to an MVA at Birnie Road on Sunday when they received an unexpected hitch-hiker.

"We ended up with a furry hitch-hiker on our firetruck.... If you're missing a cat, please message us," Vernon Firefighters Local 1517 posted on its Facebook page.

"While we were there, a cat climbed up into the engine compartment," says deputy chief of operations Alan Hofsink.

"The crew was cleaning up post-incident and meowing coming from the engine bay."

Turns out a black cat had hidden on board, likely to warm up.

Hofsink says the cute little kitty was unharmed, but did look "tired, scared and skittish."

Firefighters kept the cat at the firehall for the night before taking it to a veterinary clinic this morning. It will handed over to the SPCA.

While the cat's owner remains unknown, the feline does have one distinguishing mark. Its right front paw is white.

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