Light pollution a problem

In Kelowna, we have a light pollution problem.

This means all the light coming from the city is making the night sky and all the stars less visible.

Light pollution affects plants and animals and our own natural rhythms but I am most concerned about not being able to see the stars, constellations, Northern Lights, Milky Way and all the beautiful things I grew up appreciating.

City Hall has taken some measures to help with light pollution but the biggest polluters are probably the car dealerships along Enterprise Way and Highway 97. They all run extremely bright lights all night long, which light up our valley floor.

I imagine their reasoning is to prevent crime and theft but I am sure there are better ways to secure their lots without creating such an eyesore.

The city should take action and come up with simple bylaws that dissuade light polluters.

I was born and grew up in Kelowna seeing the stars, and I hope the next generation can have the same experience. Let's help keep our night skies darked so the stars can shine bright.

Stephen Atherton

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