This tiny solarium for rent in downtown Vancouver has an amazing view and privacy curtain

Tiny solarium for rent

While Vancouver struggles with a housing crisis, more unusual rentals are popping up online.

In Yaletown, for example, there's a solarium in a highrise building that's available on Craigslist. The tiny room with big views is going for $800 per month.

For that price, the renter won't get much space. The room has enough space for a twin bed, a small set of drawers and a shoe rack, which are furnished. Some hooks on the wall and one of the doors are the only places to hang anything.

Speaking of the doors, as the room was built as a solarium - a room to enjoy sunshine indoors - the room's only entrance has a pair of (mostly) glass doors. That means a curtain has been hung so the renter has a bit of privacy from the two other roommates.

"Cozy, good for students or someone that needs a place to sleep with (not much) luggage," notes the ad.

Currently, the two other roommates are international students from Japan and Colombia.

Along with the tiny space, the suite has a washer and dryer, and access to a swimming pool and sauna. There are a few rules to follow, including no partying, no smoking, no pets and no visitors. 

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