MP Richard Canning introduces bill to increase the use of environmentally friendly building materials

Cannings urges green builds

South Okanagan–West Kootenay MP Richard Cannings introduced a Senate bill into the House of Commons on Friday which would require the federal government to increase the use of environmentally friendly materials in future buildings.

The bill would bring into consideration any potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and any other environmental benefit when making plans for building and repairing federal infrastructure.

“This is a small but mighty bill that asks the government to consider using environmentally friendly materials such as wood when building federal infrastructure,” Cannings said as he introduced bill S-222.

“It was my private members bill C-354 in the 42nd Parliament, when it passed through the House but died in the Senate at the end of that Parliament,” Cannings added.

Cannings thanked Senator Diane Griffin who championed the bill in the Senate and also Senator Jim Quinn who took up the bill after Senator Griffin’s retirement.

As it originated in the Senate, to become law, bill S-222 must now pass the House of Commons.

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