Better Together Day raises $47K for JoeAnna's House

$47K raised for JoeAnna's

Better Together Day in Kelowna raised over $47,500 for JoeAnna’s House on Thursday.

The one-day-a-year fundraiser was set up in the parking lot of JoeAnna’s House with good music, good food and good vibes. A drive-thru breakfast was also set up at Save-On-Foods at Orchard Plaza, feeding donors.

“We are so proud to be part of this special day. We support everything the JoeAnna’s House stands for and it is truly heart-warming to see the community take time out of their day to support such a valuable resource for families in our region,” said Save-On-Foods manager Scott Nararuk.

The Save-On-Foods drive-thru breakfast managed to raise $4,850.

JoeAnna’s House allows out-of-town families to stay near KGH while their loved ones are in the hospital.

Dr. Ryan Foster, an ICU physician at KGH and a member of the KGH Foundation Board shared a story about a patient who was in the hospital for six months while their loved one stayed at JoeAnna’s House.

“She was able to be with him everyday and then go back to JoeAnna’s House to rest. The ability for family to stay so close is an unmeasurable part of the care plan for patients,” said Dr. Foster.

Former JoeAnna’s House guest Wendy Kelly agrees with Dr. Foster.

“When we found out my son required treatment at Kelowna General Hospital, we were at a loss. I have never experienced such an intersection of deep caring and at the same time, an incredible level of professionalism, as I did at JoeAnna’s House,” said Kelly.

“I am incredibly grateful, and I feel like I’m beholden to them… in the best way.”

KGH Foundation CEO Allison Ramchuk says the hands and hearts of this community came together to build JoeAnna’s House, and that days like Better Together Day continue that generosity and compassion.

“We are always better together,” said Ramchuk.

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