Opposition BC Liberals seek MLA pay freeze ahead of possible 10 per cent increase

Liberals call for pay freeze

The Opposition BC Liberals are calling for an all-party pay freeze as a show of solidarity with people struggling to make ends meet during inflationary times.

Liberal house leader Todd Stone says members of the legislature could be in line for a salary increase in April of 10 per cent or more, amounting to raises of at least $10,000.

He says he will table a private member's bill this month that proposes a one-year salary freeze to show the people of B.C. that politicians understand the economic sacrifices families are making across the province.

The B.C. legislature website says the basic annual MLA salary this year is $115,045.93, while Premier John Horgan's salary is $218,587.27.

B.C. MLA salaries are tied to changes in consumer price index, which currently is up about eight per cent in the province.

Finance Minister Selina Robinson did not immediate indicate if the government will support Stone's bill, but said the New Democrats have been implementing cost-saving measures including free bus services for children under 12 years and child-care fee cuts.

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