Dog attacked by doe in Kelowna back yard

Dog stomped by deer

A Kelowna woman is sounding the alarm after her dog was attacked in her backyard on Monday.

Maureen Harbour tells Castanet she lives on Stockwell Avenue, not far from downtown Kelowna, and on Monday she let her 16-year-old dog named Sydney out to his business in the yard.

What she didn't know, was that there was a mother deer and her fawn just around the corner.

"I knew the deer were around. I didn't see it initially because it was by my cedars. Then it came out. At the same time I spotted the baby, a large baby deer. Then I spotted the mother deer in my neighbour's yard. So I ran to get the dog because he's deaf, he's old."

But it wasn't quick enough because the deer hopped over the fence and began stomping on the dog.

"It was horrible."

"He (the dog) lifted his head saw me, and he made a beeline for the back door. At the same time, mom jumped over into my yard and attacked him. And she pounded on his back and he flipped over onto his back and then she pounded his belly. I was screaming and of course getting closer to her and she backed off," Harbour says.

Harbour says the deer have been in the neighbourhood for days and they seem to be attracted to the fruit that is falling from the trees.

"I've never seen such a horrible thing in my life," Harbour says.

Sydney appears to be doing OK, Harbour says despite the brutality of the attack he's just bruised and will require pain medication for a few days.

Harbour says she'll be keeping a close watch on her dog for the next while.

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