Locally filmed horror movie to debut Oct. 13 at O'Keefe Ranch Field of Screams

Terror in the corn maze

Field of Screams will debut its feature-length film 'Ride the Night' Oct. 13th at the popular North Okanagan Halloween season event.

The new element adds to the haunted corn maze at O'Keefe Historic Ranch, with the theme this year of Theatre of Terror.

The locally shot horror movie follows four teens, Hannah (Kayla Hidber), Sy (Nyla Rossi), Britney (Shanelle Connell), and Chad (Ajay Bharti), as they make their way to the Field of Screams.

On their way, they take wrong turns, have strange encounters and hear horrific tales.

Will they make it to the corn field? And if they do, will they make it out alive?

Executive producer Matt Brown of Infinity Playground Entertainment brewed up a story that expands on a previous short film he made years ago, titled 'The Scarecrow.'

The film was shot in 12 days on location at the ranch just north of Vernon, Spallumcheen.

"The thought was, as filmmakers, to make our own backyard Freddy or Michael Myers story. Have our own scary legend," says Brown.

The movie was made on a shoe-string budget, but with heaps of passion.

"There's a menacing killer in this movie that came from the original Scarecrow short film that was shot at O'Keefe Ranch," says Brown. "In the feature film, we get to learn about his origin through three short stories that the main characters encounter... there’s a witch, as well, and we get her origin story. She kind of makes the whole thing happen. Or does she?"

The film will be playing for three weeks at Field of Screams, on an outdoor movie screen. While you wait in line for the maze, there will be a large screen running the film.

Cast and crew will be in attendance premiere night.

Other cast members include: Eva Cortens, Nate Sapriken, Heidi Stojke, Gemma Gibson, Hannah Brown, Tenley Franche, Lili Kayy-Park, Neve Monroe, Anya Gibson, Brent Raymond, Doug Andrews, Danielle Braund, Roy Langdon, Johnny Wright, Tanya Keller, Donna-Marie DeLorey, and Tommy Steele.

Dates for this year's Field of Screams are Oct. 6-8, 12-15, 19-22, and 26-30. Gates open at 6:30 p.m. and the event runs from 7 to 10 p.m.

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