Attempted break-in caught on video shows suspects fighting before smashing door

Burglars caught on camera

Rob Gibson

A pair of not-too-bright criminals were caught on camera trying to break into a downtown Kelowna store over the weekend.

Gabriel Delisle tells Castanet he opened Circus Clouds Vape shop about a year ago on Lawrence Avenue and he's already been broken into twice. The burglars on Sunday though, didn't get very far.

"The videos we got are quite comical, the stuff that was happening," said Delisle.

The surveillance video shows a pair of what looks like two men stopping in front of the shop in the 500 block of Lawrence Ave. early Sunday morning. The two get into an argument the smaller man kicks his accomplice before turning his attention to the door of the shop.

After throwing a hard object at the door does not break the glass, one of the suspects puts his foot through the front door before falling to the ground. He drops his cigarette, which his taller associate quickly picks up and starts smoking.

Once the smaller man regains his footing and unlocks the front door he is confounded by a steel security door. The pair then walk away after an unsuccessful break in attempt.

"We installed some (steel) shutters on the inside so luckily they weren't able to get it in but it's $1,000 every time they break my door," Delisle says.

The first time the shop was broken into the culprits made off with the cash register but it only had a small amount of cash inside. After that theft, Delisle says he spent $9,000 to upgrade his security adding steel shutters on the inside of the windows and doors.

"It just sucks because I gotta replace the door and then I gotta get my new decals on the door again."

Despite the break-in attempt, Delisle says he doesn't want to leave the downtown area of Kelowna.

"I still like, I love the area. It just seems like the same people doing the same stuff over and over. I'm pretty sure I can find these guys if I really wanted to," says Delisle.

Delisle also owns a vape shop in Vernon and he tells Castanet this kind of thing has never happened there.

"We've been there for three years, and we haven't had something like this happen. That's pretty ballsy. They're doing it right in front of the camera. I don't know if they knew there was a camera there. But it's like they don't even care," says Delisle.

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