Widow searching for answers to deadly highway

Widow wants hwy changes

A Kelowna-born woman is demanding changes be made to the Trans Canada Highway in Field B.C. after eight people have perished in the past eight months, including her husband.

Dee Morrison thought she would have more time with her husband Scott, but after 28 years together Scott's life ended tragically on the morning of February 5, when Scott's truck was hit head-on by a turning cube van. He was on his way to Kelowna to see his wife.

"He was such an amazing man. He helped everybody and he was my best, best friend. He was my everything, and if it wasn't for him I don't know where I'd be," Dee told Castanet.

Dee says eight lives lost over an eight month period should be a cause for concern, calling the highway through Field one of the most dangerous roads in Canada.

"I want meridians [medians]. If there was a [median] between the [two lanes] my husband would still be here. That's what we need. We need that barrier so that when something like this happens again, at least we're getting a chance to have our loved ones come home. Without [medians] we don't get that chance."

Dee also notes that the speed limit needs to come down. The signs in the area reads a 100 kilometres maximum speed limit, but she says people are often driving way too fast.

"If you're travelling through Field, please be mindful of the truckers going past you. And please, please, please slow down. That's all I can say. Slow down," she said.

Dee says the regularity of these accidents brings sadness to her heart, and that it's shocking nothing has been done to this point. Each time she hears bad news along that stretch of road, her own tragic experience comes rushing back.

"I know exactly what those families are going through. Every time it happens it's like my husband dies all over again," she told Castanet.

Castanet has reached out to the City of Field, B.C. for comment.

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