RCMP in Prince George get creative to catch distracted drivers

Cops get help from above

With the help of an "eye in the sky," police issued nearly 30 tickets during a crackdown on distracted driving this past Saturday.

While a member of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement Officer took to a bucket on a crane, provided by the City of Prince George, four members of the RCMP Volunteers kept an eye out from ground level. Sightings of problem drivers were passed on to RCMP officers down the road.

In all, 28 tickets for distracted driving were issued. Five of the drivers had previously been stopped that same day for using an electronic device while behind the wheel, it was noted, and they could find themselves paying additional fees when it comes time to renew their insurance.

One driver's vehicle was impounded for seven days for allegedly driving while prohibited and eight were issued a notice and order, which is a provincial legal document informing the driver that they, or the vehicle, do not meet the specific requirements of an act or regulation.

Speeding, illegally tinted windows, failing to display an N sign and failing to wear a seatbelt each yielded two tickets.

The number of tickets handed out left Prince George RCMP with a mixed reaction.
As police officers, we would much prefer to have the safety of our roads increased because drivers are remembering to leave the electronic devices and other distractions alone, than to hand out so many violation tickets," Cpl. Jennifer Cooper said.

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