Vancouver gas prices pass $2.39, breaking North American record: analyst

Gas prices break records

Gas prices in Vancouver have hit a new high of more than $2.39 a litre at some stations, blowing past the previous peak set this summer.

One gas analyst says that's a new all-time record for North America, and expects prices to continue to rise this week.

Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, says prices passed the previous record of nearly $2.37 a litre, set in Vancouver in June, due to the temporary shutdown of refineries in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and California.

Kelowna is seeing prices of $1.78 per litre.

McTeague says prices will likely rise again then drop fairly quickly once the supply issues are resolved.

Gas prices jumped overnight across Canada by almost 20 cents in some places.

According to the CAA’s price tracker, gas is up nationally by just over three cents on average at $1.58 per litre, with some provinces seeing higher jumps than others.

The CAA says the average gas price across Vancouver was $2.32 on Thursday.

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