Kelowna council approves Phase 2 of large Hiawatha development

Next phase of Hiawatha

There will be plenty of activity at the former Hiawatha Mobile Home Park in the coming months.

Monday, Kelowna council approved a development permit for the next phase of the project featuring three buildings, including a 17-storey tower near the front of the 18-acre property on Lakeshore Road.

Two other 10-storey buildings closer to the back of the property, near the townhouses which are presently under construction, are also part of Phase 2.

Along with the development permit, council also gave its approval for a site Master Development Agreement (MDA).

Planner Dean Strachan says the MDA includes a number of technical components relating to when specific offsite works and infrastructure work will be required to be complete.

"What this MDA does is ensures council has the certainty of when things will happen that are attached to specific phases of the development," said Strachan.

He says much of the work triggered by this agreement center around the 17-storey tower.

"The roundabout, the bridge, major infrastructure pieces are triggered as part of this development permit."

Construction will begin once Edmonton-based Westcorp, the developer of the project, receive a building permit.

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