Growing the game of cornhole

Growing the game

The Kelowna Kinsmen Club hosted a cornhole tournament over the weekend open to the public, with hopes of drawing attention to the sport while also attracting new members.

“It’s a really exciting community of players. Just like pickleball was five years ago, it’s a really diehard energetic group of people that just want to see things happen – structured tournaments – this operation is running really slick, and it’s cool to see small sports really get a foothold here in Kelowna," said Kinsmen president Kelly Hutchinson.

It was Kelowna Kinsmen’s newest member that brought the idea of cornhole to the table, and they welcomed him and the idea of a tournament with open arms.

It’s pretty neat! It’s like – I’m not going to say brotherhood – but there’s women in there too and it’s a family basically that you can rely on and count on and they’re always going to have your back and you help each other out,” said Chris Schuk of Kelowna Cornhole League.

“Everywhere you go, if you’re a Kinsmen you are just automatically family. The cornhole world is kind of the same thing. Once you come into the cornhole world you’re probably not leaving because it’s a great family to be involved in.”

A group of passionate cornhole players travelled all the way from Kamloops to help grow the sport while at the same time trying to bring home the $350 grand prize.

“We’re the Kamloops Cornhole Club and we’re here supporting Chris and his other members of the Kelowna club. Chris came up and helped us with some leagues, and what we’re trying to do in Kamloops is get it going so that families, kids, anybody can play this game. And if you go far enough and practice, you can go to nationals!”

If you want to improve the quality of life in Kelowna through sports and recreational activities, then you might want to join the Kelowna Kinsmen Club.

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