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Sir Elton John surprised with National Humanities Medal by President Joe Biden

Biden surprises Elton John

Sir Elton John became emotional after being presented with the National Humanities Medal at the White House on Friday.

The 75-year-old singer received the award from US President Joe Biden, 79, for his music career and his work with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, after he performed on the South Lawn of the White House.

The President said: "We're joined by so many people that ... he's set free to be themselves, to be treated with dignity and respect they deserve. Families and advocates in the fight against HIV/AIDS. A fight that he has led with sheer will, a fight for those lives lost and those lives we can save. Leaders standing up for equality of all people, no matter who you are, or who you love."

A visibly moved Elton said: "I'm never flabbergasted, but I'm flabbergasted and humbled and honoured by this incredible award from the United States of America. I will treasure this so much, and it will make me double my efforts to make sure this disease goes away. America’s kindness to me as a musician is second to none, but in the war against AIDS and HIV it’s even bigger."

Elton performed a selection of his hits including 'Your Song', 'Tiny Dancer', 'Rocketman', 'Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me', 'Crocodile Rock' and 'I’m Still Standing' for a crowd that included the President and First Lady Jill Biden, his husband David Furnish, Laura Bush, Billie Jean King, Ruby Bridges, British Ambassador to the United States Karen Pierce, Malala Yousafzai, and cabinet secretaries including Attorney General Merrick Garland and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Joking about his surroundings, he told the audience: "I don’t know what to say. What a dump."

He added: "I’ve played in some places before that are beautiful, but this is probably the icing on the cake. It’s wonderful to be here among people who have helped my foundation and my heroes, the ones that work every day on the front line. Teachers, nurses, everybody who has helped. They’re the heroes to me."


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen 'are learning to live with pain'

Legend, Teigen learning live

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are having to "learn to live" with the pain of losing their baby.

The 36-year-old model lost her son at 20 weeks in 2020, and John admits they are still trying to come to terms with their heartbreak.

The award-winning musician - who has Luna, six, and Miles, four, with Chrissy - said: "We’ll never completely fill the hole in our hearts. That’s part of being human and part of being alive.

"We’ve experienced such pain and the goal is not to make it disappear but to learn to live with it."

Chrissy shared the news of her baby loss with her social media followers.

But John, 43, was initially hesitant about being so open and honest with their fans.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I wasn’t sure about sharing our news. I usually want to present the happier side of my life on social media.

"But people knew we had a pregnancy. Chrissy had wanted them to know we were looking forward to bringing this life into the world.

"If it just went away without us talking about it, it would be as if nothing had happened.

"It did happen. We mourn other losses in our lives?...?loved ones, parents, relatives?...?so we couldn’t not tell people about our baby."

Earlier this month, Chrissy revealed that she lost her son Jack to abortion, not a miscarriage.

The model also admitted to needing a "medical intervention" to save her own life.

Chrissy - who announced her latest pregnancy in August - explained: "Two years ago when I was pregnant with Jack, John and my third child, I had to make a lot of difficult and heart-breaking decisions. It became very clear around halfway through that he would not survive, and that I wouldn’t either without any medical intervention."

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander says he tried to gatecrash the singer’s wedding to ‘make sure she was ok’

Spears' ex-husband speaks

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander has revealed he tried to gatecrash the singer’s wedding to “make sure she was ok” about marrying Sam Asghari.

The 40-year-old added in an interview with DailyMail.com on Friday (23.09.22) he wasn’t at her big day to “cause harm” and claimed he has had several conversations with Britney in the last two years.

He said: “I couldn’t let her get married with the conversations we’ve had over the last two years.

“I wasn’t there to cause harm. I was just there to speak to Britney and make sure she was ok and this is what she wanted.

“I spoke to her the Monday leading up to the wedding and she didn’t mention anything about getting married.

“We talked about the people she hangs out with that calls her her friends. Business associates that profit off of her.

“Most people aren’t aware of what's been happening in the background.”

Jason spoke to the Mail while out hiking less than two miles from 40-year-old Britney’s 12,464-square-foot Italian-style villa in California where she married 38-year-old personal trainer Sam.

He is currently wanted by police after failing to appear in court for allegedly stealing his landlady’s $2,000 diamond tennis bracelet in 2015.

Jason added about Britney’s marriage: “It’s all for show. A Hollywood script.

“I don’t think she looks happy. That whole thing is not real.”

Jason scaled a fence to gain entry to Britney's home on her wedding day and was tackled by the singer’s security guards.

He was last month convicted of trespassing and battery after he filmed himself crashing the ‘Toxic’ singer’s wedding armed with a knife and dressed in a white prison jumpsuit.

Jason said about the scene on June 9: “It could look a little scary if you don’t know the history.”

Childhood friends Britney and Jason married in Las Vegas in 2004, but the marriage lasted only 55 hours before it was annulled.

Jason was initially charged with felony stalking, refusing to leave private property, vandalism and battery for entering Britney’s home on her wedding day.

He was seen in his self-filmed footage screaming as he ran towards Britney’s home: “I’m Jason Alexander. The first husband. I’m here to crash the wedding.”

A judge has ordered he is not allowed to “contact, annoy (and/or) harass” Britney and her new husband and not to come within 100 yards of them for the next three years.

Kanye West says he still has political aspirations

Kanye still eyes politics

Kanye West "absolutely" has "political aspirations" for the future.

The 45-year-old rapper and Yeezy designer had a disastrous bid to become President of the United States in 2020, with the outspoken star rumoured to have lost more than $14 million on his campaign.

Despite this, the 'Stronger' hitmaker hasn't been put off running for president in the future and believes God didn't feel it was his time.

Speaking to ABC’s Linsey Davis for ‘A Conversation With Ye’, the record producer - who legally changed his name to Ye - was asked if he has “future political aspirations," to which he replied: “Yes. Absolutely. You know, it’s… That time wasn’t in God’s time. I’m sure there’s lives that were saved. I’m sure God had me fall on the sword and say, ‘This is not the time,’ but you know, he’s a redeemer.”

In November, Kanye confessed that he "embarrassed" his then-wife Kim Kardashian with his failed presidential bid and his political views were "hard" on his marriage.

The hip-hop legend ran for office as an independent candidate but only appeared on the presidential ballot in 12 of the 50 states, and in his one and only press conference for his campaign, he admitted he and the reality star had considered an abortion when she fell pregnant with their first child, nine-year-old daughter North.

And reflecting on the period, the 'Jesus Walks' star admitted Kim "did not like" him affiliating himself with former President Donald Trump by wearing a red 'MAGA' cap and he had made them a "target" with his outspoken views.

He said in a 'Thanksgiving prayer' shared online: "Let's go with politics here. Good Lord, my wife did not like me wearing the red hat. Being a good wife, [Kim] wanted to protect me and our family.

"I made me and our family a target by not aligning with Hollywood's political stance and that was hard for our marriage.

"Then I ran for president without proper preparation and no allies on either side.

"I embarrassed my wife in the way that I presented information about our family during the one and only, thank God, press conference.

"All my dad had to say afterwards was, 'Write your speech next time son.'"

Kanye also admitted he had "spent money like crazy".

He told listeners: "It's the craziest thing I've done and I've done a lot of crazy things."

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye - with whom she also has Saint, six, Chicago, four, and three-year-old Psalm - in February.

Meanwhile, Kanye recalled being played "under heavy medication" after a manic episode in 2016 and it is something that still affects him.

He said: "Since then I went on and off the medication which left me susceptible to other episodes which my wife and family and fans have had to endure.

"My ego has a tendency to go past the threshold of being motivating and entertaining to just being overbearing. There are ways to show confidence without arrogance."

Taylor Swift confirms first song with sweary title

Swift goes 'vigilante'

Taylor Swift has written her first ever song with a swear word in the title.

The pop star is preparing to release her new album 'Midnights' in October and she's been playing an online lottery game with fans to announce the track list with the singer videoing herself picking numbered ping pong balls which correspond to a track on the album - and on Thursday she chose number number eight and revealed the title is 'Vigilante S**t'.

It's the first time Taylor has used a curse word in one of her song titles, although she has previously used profanities in her lyrics.

Taylor previously described the album as a collection of songs based on 13 sleepless nights over the last few years in which she got up to jot down lyrics.

Announcing the new project, she wrote in a statement posted online: "This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams. The floors we pace and the demons we face. For all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching – hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve… we’ll meet ourselves."

Taylor plans to continue announcing the track titles in her 'Midnights Mayhem With Me' series on TikTok. She debuted the series on Tuesday and confirmed the name of the 13th track on the album is 'Mastermind'. She's expected to continue releasing the videos until she's named all 13 songs.

'Midnights' is slated for release on October 21.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin didn't have a prenup

Sly didn't have prenup

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin did not have a prenuptial agreement when they tied the knot.

An order of abatement from the exes was granted in court documents obtained by TMZ on Thursday.

And while they didn't sign a prenup when they got married in May 1997, the pair are confident they can agree on a divorce settlement and do so in private out of court.

The order obtained by PEOPLE reads: "The Parties agree that is in the best interests of each of them individually, and more importantly collectively as a family, to resolve all issues attendant to the dissolution of their marriage in a dignified, amicable, and private manner out-of-court."

Flavin filed a petition "for dissolution of marriage and other relief" at a court in Florida on August 19.

Stallone - who has daughters Scarlet, 20, Sistine, 24, and Sophia, 26, with his wife - subsequently said in a statement: "I love my family. We are amicably and privately addressing these personal issues."

However, Flavin accused Stallone of hiding marital assets.

The 54-year-old model accused the Hollywood star of hiding assets.

Court documents read: "Upon information and belief, the Husband has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate. Pursuant to Section 61.075, Florida Statues, equity dictates that the Wife be compensated and made whole by receiving an unequal distribution of the marital assets in her favour. Moreover, the Husband should be enjoined from, selling, transferring, assigning, encumbering, or dissipating any assets during the pendency of proceedings."

Stallone, 76, denied trying to "waste" joint marital assets.

The 'Rambo' actor formally responded to his estranged spouse's divorce petition and dismissed her allegation he had “engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate."

The Hollywood icon's legal team insisted he had “not engaged” in such behaviour, while also opposing her request for “exclusive” use of their Palm Beach home.

Amber Heard 'doesn't care' who Johnny Depp dates

'Don't care' who he dates

Amber Heard "doesn't care" who Johnny Depp dates.

The 36-year-old actress was married to 'Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny, 59, from 2015 until 2016 before the couple became embroiled in a $100 million defamation lawsuit- which Johnny won - and is reportedly indifferent to who he chooses to see now, amid reports that he is now dating lawyer Joelle Rich.

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Amber isn't paying attention to Johnny or his personal life. She doesn't care who he dates and just wants to move forward with her life."

The comments come just hours after it was reported that the 'Edward Scissorhands' star has struck up a relationship with lawyer Joelle, 37, - who has worked with the likes of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex - after she worked for him on his libel case against The Sun newspaper back in 2020, which he eventually lost.

A source said: "Their chemistry is off the charts. It’s serious between them. They are the real deal."

The insider went on to note that while Joelle - who did not work on his defamation case - had no "professional" obligation to be present for the hearing back in June, she attended the Virginia courtroom to show her “support” for Johnny and claimed that the pair had been "meeting up" in hotel rooms in the early days of their romance.

The source added: "There was no professional obligation for her being there. It was personal. She wanted to show her support. [Johnny and Joelle' discreetly met up in hotel rooms during the early stages."

Demi Lovato thought it 'impossible' she'd live till 30

Didn't think she'd reach 30

Demi Lovato didn't think she would reach the age of 30.

The chart-topping pop star celebrated her milestone birthday on August 20 - but Demi was surprised to reach the landmark after suffering a near-fatal drug overdose in 2018.

Demi explained: "That's something I thought was impossible to do. Even in bouts of sobriety, my depression was so strong that I didn't think I'd get here today. But here I am."

The 'Cool for the Summer' hitmaker suffered multiple strokes, a heart attack, and even brain damage after taking an overdose.

But Demi is now looking forward to the future and is even hopeful of starting a family one day.

She told SPIN Magazine: "I'm in a new chapter in my life, and I don't know what my 30s have in store for me, but hopefully a family one day."

Demi has struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction during her career.

But the 'Sorry Not Sorry' hitmaker thinks she's actually been too candid about her struggles over recent years.

She shared: "As I get older, I'm trying to learn to be more private.

"I think I do give too much insight to people into my life, and I have to think, do people deserve that?

"I'm sure by the time I'm 35, my mouth will be glued shut because I'm tired of talking about myself. And I'm sure people are tired of hearing me talk about myself."

Demi shot to fame as a child, starring in the hit children's TV series 'Barney and Friends'.

But, on reflection, she now regrets getting involved in the entertainment industry at such an early age.

She said: "I’ll always look at child stardom, at what I went through, as something traumatic for me.

"No child should ever be in the limelight. It’s too much pressure.

"There’s an absence of childhood that you never get to experience. It makes things confusing because you develop problems from that experience, whether it’s addiction or trust issues or financial stress. It follows you into adulthood."

Queen Consort Camilla keeping private country home

Camilla to keep home

Queen Consort Camilla is to keep using her privately-owned home in Wiltshire.

The 75-year-old royal bought six-bedroom Ray Mill in Wiltshire - which is just a short distance from her husband King Charles' private residence Highgrove - over 25 years ago after she divorced first husband Andrew Parker Bowles and enjoys the relaxed surroundings away from official residences, and she has no plans to sell the "treasured" abode because it allows her to truly switch off from public duties.

A source told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “If you consider that Highgrove is the most relaxed of the King’s residences, even there you are always surrounded by a team of private staff including a chef, a butler and police on every corner, so there is no true private time.

“The King has grown up with that all of his life, so it’s not such a burden for him to exist in that observed world, but the Queen Consort has spent most of her life as a private citizen - so she understands the meaning of shutting your front door and having a place to yourself.

“Ray Mill is the only place where she can literally and metaphorically kick off her shoes and spend time with family and friends in a really informal setting.

“It’s an escape from royal life and it will be treasured even more greatly now.”

According to the outlet, royal staff also see a practical side to Camilla keeping Ray Mill - where she retreated to last week during a break from official duties following the death of Queen Elizabeth - because if she were to outlive her husband, she would be able to return to Ray Mill without causing difficulties for his successor, Prince William.

It also gives her a property she can pass on to her own children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes.

Charles and Camilla are currently staying on the Balmoral estate in Scotland, where the queen died last month. The king is expected to spend time at Birkhall, the large house on the estate he inherited from the Queen Mother and what he is said to view as his "true home".

As well as Highgrove, Charles also owns a large cottage in Wales and has inherited the Balmoral and Sandringham estates, which were privately owned by the queen.

In addition, as monarch, Charles has the use of Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh and Hillsborough Castle near Belfast.

Many other royal residences, including Clarence House, Kensington Palace, and St. James's Palace, also belong to him in his capacity as king.

Original Beverly Hills Cop stars return for new film

Beverly Hills Cop is back

A number of original 'Beverly Hills Cop' cast members are returning for the new sequel.

Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser and Bronson Pinchot have signed up to reunite with Eddie Murphy in 'Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley', the long-awaited fourth movie in the action comedy series.

Reinhold and Ashton are reprising their roles as police officers Billy Rosewood and John Taggart – the sidekick cops to Murphy's Axel Foley.

Reiser starred as Foley's Detroit cop partner Jeffrey Friedman in the first two films and Pinchot was the sassy art gallery salesman Serge.

Mark Molloy is directing the film from a screenplay by Will Beall. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah had been on board but left the project to direct the shelved 'Batgirl' flick.

The new 'Beverly Hills Cop' picture will be released on Netflix with Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman and Melissa Reid producing with Murphy for Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

The original movie was released in 1984 and saw Eddie star as a Detroit police officer who goes to Beverly Hills to solve the murder of his best friend. Sequels followed in 1987 and 1994.

The storyline for the new film has not been disclosed but the movie has started production. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Taylour Paige are both set to appear in the project.

Eddie had previously suggested that he would only return to the 'Beverly Hills Cop' franchise if the script was right.

The 61-year-old star said: "They've been trying to make another 'Beverly Hills Cop' for 15 years now.

"Right now, Netflix has it, and they're trying to develop a script. That's what we're supposed to be doing next. But, I'm not doing nothing until the script is right."

Prince Philip's 'UFO investigation could be released'

Prince Philip's alien files?

Prince Philip's UFO investigation could be released following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The prince developed a fascination with aliens after a bricklayer reported a close encounter with extra terrestrial life at the home of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Philip's late uncle - but until now, his investigative work into UFO sightings in the UK has remained under wraps.

Philip - who died in April 2021, aged 99 - has been credited with creating a so-called Royal X-Files on the subject of space and alien life.

And the royal family are now facing calls for the investigation to be made public, the Daily Star newspaper reports. The work previously remained a secret during the reign of the queen.

Nick Pope, the ex-Ministry Of Defence official who was in charge of the UK government’s UFO desk between 1991 and 1994, claims that Philip and Sir Peter Horsley - his ex-RAF associate - spent years investigating alien sightings.

He said: "[Philip] kept an eye on developments, subscribed to UFO magazines and newsletters and had witnesses interviewed."

He also claimed Philip's interest in the subject was deliberately kept under wraps during the reign of the late monarch as it would've caused a stir.

Nick told 'History TV': "This is highly sensitive. Here you have the queen’s husband investigating UFOs. Had the news got out it would have caused a sensation."

Lord Mountbatten - who was assassinated in August 1979 - and Prince Philip are said to have "talked extensively" about the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

And Richard Dolan - an expert on the UFO subject - is convinced that the late monarch was aware of the conversations between Philip and his uncle.

He said: "You have to assume Queen Elizabeth knew."

Johnny Depp dating lawyer Joelle Rich

Depp dating his lawyer

Johnny Depp is reportedly dating his former lawyer Joelle Rich.

The 59-year-old actor is said to have struck up a relationship with lawyer Joelle, 37, after she worked with him on his libel case against The Sun newspaper back in 2018.

A source told UsWeekly: "Their chemistry is off the charts. It’s serious between them. They are the real deal."

The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star, who was previously married to 'Aquaman' actress Amber Heard, lost his libel case against the British tabloid but won a defamation case against his ex-wife, in which she alleged that she had claimed to have been a victim of alleged domestic abuse throughout their marriage for a magazine article.

The insider went on to note that while Joelle, who did not work on his defamation case, had no "professional" obligation to be present for the hearing back in June, she attended the Virginia courtroom to show her “support” for Johnny and claimed that the pair had been "meeting up" in hotel rooms in the early days of their romance.

The source told UsWeekly: "There was no professional obligation for her being there. It was personal. She wanted to show her support. [Johnny and Joelle' discreetly met up in hotel rooms during the early stages."

It comes after the news that the story infamous defamation trial is to be the subject of a new film and has been "fast-tracked" into production.

Melissa Marty has been cast as Johnny's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, while Marry Carrig will portray Elaine Bredehoft, who served as Amber's attorney.

Sara Lohman will direct from a script by Guy Nicolucci.

Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer, Tubi, said in a statement: "With our partners at MarVista, this Tubi Original was fast-tracked into production to capture a timely take on a story that became part of the cultural zeitgeist, painting a unique picture of what millions watched play out in the headlines over the summer."

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