Bear takes a late night stroll across a street behind Orchard Plaza

Bear by Orchard Plaza

Cindy White

What looks like a relatively large black bear was spotted strolling across a street just behind Orchard Plaza last weekend.

A video posted by Missy Mac on the Kelowna Alert Facebook page shows the bruin walking along a sidewalk before crossing Agassiz Road at around 11:35 p.m. on August 13.

The animal then passes behind the woman’s car before the video comes to an end.

In her post, Missy Mac said the black bear was coming from Barlee Park, at the corner of Agassiz Rd. and Barlee Rd., about a block from the back side of Orchard Plaza.

“He seemed to want to get himself a wee snack in the community garden…he was not thrilled it was gated lol I’m sure he’d climb the fence if he wanted,” she wrote in response to one person’s comment.

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