Empty meat section greets Kelowna Walmart shoppers in store and online

Meat shelves running low?

An unusual sight Tuesday at the Kelowna Walmart on Banks Road.

Empty shelves in the meat section.

Regular Walmart shopper T. Cassidy shared a photo of the empty meat coolers, “I was actually shocked.”

Cassidy says she tried to get her shopping done on the weekend at the same Walmart but they were low on the beef and hamburger her family likes.

“And then I'm like, ‘okay, it's lunch break. We might as well go do some shopping.’ So the littles and I went in. And the first thing I saw was just the whole meat section is empty, like all the shelves empty, and I'm like, ‘wow,”’ says Cassidy.

Castanet called Walmart seeking an explanation, but they had none. We've also reached out to their corporate offices.

A quick online search of Kelowna Walmart shows they are sold out of most meat products in the section with no word on when the stock should be resupplied.

“It's just one thing after another, gas prices, and then our rent is outrageous for just a three-bedroom house and now groceries. I told my husband you better learn how to hunt,” joked Cassidy.

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