Dangerous driving caught on video on Highway 33 near Black Mountain

Wrong way on Hwy 33

A scary incident on Highway 33 was captured by a driver Thursday night.

A video posted to Reddit shows a blue vehicle travelling on Highway 33 on the wrong side of a solid double line. The vehicle doesn’t immediately return to the right side of the highway, instead continuing on in the wrong lane.

The end of the video shows the driver going back into the proper lane at the last possible second, narrowly avoiding a collision with another vehicle that was in the passing lane heading towards Kelowna.

The incident was reported to RCMP, which tells Castanet the Dodge Charger was travelling at a high rate of speed and passed on a solid double line.

"The vehicle was last seen heading towards Big White but police were unable to locate it,” said RCMP spokesperson Const. Mike Della-Paolera.

RCMP say a driver caught driving in this fashion could face several charges under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Warning this video contains explicit language.

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