Kamloops woman wins nearly $1 million while relaxing at Shuswap Lake

Wins $1M while at the lake

A Kamloops woman says a big weight has been lifted off her shoulders after winning nearly $1 million.

Angie Lovell was relaxing by the lake at her trailer at Shuswap Lake, playing PlayNow on her phone before calling it a night.

“As I played, my wins kept getting bigger and bigger,” Lovell said.

“I got into a bonus spin, and by then I was getting tired, dozing off a little, when I got a message saying that I had won the progressive jackpot.”

She said she had to sleep on the news before it really settled in that she had won $992,940.48.

“I didn’t believe it. I waited until the morning to call in and confirm that it was real,” Lovell said.

To celebrate, she had a nice dinner on the lake with her daughter and her daughter’s partner, during which they talked about plans for the prize.

“I’ve helped my son out and I would love to help my daughters now. I will also put money aside for my retirement,” she explained.

The winner also said she is thinking about updating her new home, buying a new truck and paying off her mortgage.

“I feel stunned,” Lovell said.

“A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

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