Did you buy a new vehicle in 2021?

Poll: New cars on B.C. roads

Over a quarter million vehicles were added to British Columbia’s roads over the last six years. But over half of those hit the pavement in 2021 — a spike that has touched nearly every community in the province and threatens to undermine emission reduction targets.

According to public data from ICBC and Canada’s national census, the 2021 surge in vehicle ownership is outpacing population growth in dozens of communities across B.C.

“Overall, this level of private vehicle adoption in such a short amount of time is very bad news,” said Alex Bigazzi, head of UBC’s Research on Active Transportation Lab.

“Definitely a big step backwards from our climate goals.”

Until 2019, several medium and large cities across the province had made slow but significant gains driving down the number of cars on the road, even as their populations grew.

In 2020, the pandemic hit and vehicle ownership plunged, dropping the number of cars in dozens of B.C. municipalities into negative growth. But almost all municipalities had those gains wiped out in 2021, according to public data.

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