Penis-shaped dessert embarrasses restaurant patron - in front of grandmother

'Penis' dessert embarrasses

A raunchy surprise at a birthday dinner left a Metro Vancouver resident "confounded" and "embarrassed."

In a photo posted to Reddit Wednesday, a guest at a Coquitlam restaurant explains a penis-shaped dessert was placed in front of them at the end of their meal.

It was served in front of several family members, including their 90-year-old grandmother.

The social media poster explained they laughed at first sight, believes the contents of the plate were "obviously intentional."

"If this were given to me by my friends at a bachelorette, it would be funny. But in this context I feel at best, embarrassed, and at worst, oddly violated."

The photo shows an apparent banana on the dessert dish with the peel's tip on the right side.

Two scoops of ice cream are placed at the left side of the banana, and a piece of parsley is set in between them.

"I was so incredibly shocked when this arrived and I did not know how to react but to laugh," the Reddit user said, noting their mother, aunt, brother and "soon-to-be" husband were also at the table.

"I laughed and laughed and took photos of it and with it. I couldn’t believe this was in-front of me and I thought — is this for real?"

Prior to Tuesday night's unexpected cheeky dessert, they had been going to the restaurant for more than 25 years, and many other local families with kids as young as kindergarten were regular patrons.

"It's been a place of fond memories. Unfortunately, I now have this awful experience that has tarnished it," they add.

The Reddit user says the waiter that served them also came up to the family and said, "Usually for birthdays, I would give the birthday girl or guy a kiss. But today I won’t because he (pointing to my fiancé) is here." 

Restaurant serves me this.

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