Police forced to leap to safety from reversing truck; driver arrested

Police leap to safety

Two officers had to leap to safety after the driver of a large pickup truck that was obstructing traffic reversed into their path, Victoria police say.

The bizarre series of events began just after 4 p.m. on Canada Day, when bike officers were flagged down by a motorist who told them an improperly parked vehicle was impeding traffic.

The officers arrived to find a truck with a camper obstructing the northbound lane and began directing traffic around it, while asking if anyone had spotted the driver. One witness said the vehicle had been there for about two hours, so the officers called for a tow truck.

The officers spotted someone across the street filming the scene with a phone. After several minutes, the individual approached police, said the truck was theirs and asked police to stop traffic so they could leave.

After police told the owner they were being detained for an investigation, the owner got into the truck and started it.

The driver ignored the officers’ direction not to leave, put the truck in gear and reversed, causing the officers to jump out of the way.

The driver fled and the officers followed from a distance on their bikes, while radioing the truck’s direction of travel to other officers.

A patrol officer saw the vehicle a short time later and activated emergency equipment. Instead of stopping, however, the truck driver unsafely overtook the vehicle in front.

Given the large number of people in the area due to Canada Day, the officer did not pursue the truck.

After that, the truck was seen being driven erratically toward a Canada Day road closure. The driver stopped and was boxed in by police, pulled from the truck and arrested.

Recommended charges include assault with a weapon, assaulting a police officer, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and flight from police.

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