Superstore staff voting to either accept new deal or go on strike

Superstore staff vote on deal

Superstore employees are voting this week on whether to accept a new collective agreement or issue strike notice against Loblaw, the company that owns and operates 28 Superstore locations and three distribution warehouses in B.C.

After union members rejected an initial company offer in April, they voted 97 percent in favour of taking strike action in May.

Loblaw officials returned with a new offer with greater wage increases for long-term, senior employees, an improved and unified wage scale benefiting 6,500 employees, major scheduling improvements for part-time employees, expanded night shift premiums, a commitment to creating 112 full-time positions, signing bonuses for all employees, and other improvements that address some long-standing contract issues.

“At the bargaining table, our committee was clear to the company that, while this is a substantially improved company offer, if it is turned down, we will be supporting our members’ decision by issuing strike notice and setting up picket lines,” said Dan Goodman, President of UFCW Local 247.

Loblaw notified the union bargaining committee that, if union members turned down their offer, the company would be issuing a corresponding lockout notice.

Ballots will be counted on Friday.

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